Je ne peux pas être au four et au moulin!

Je ne peux pas être au four et au moulin!

zhuhn puh pah zett roe foo ray oh moo-LAA! Click below to hear this.

I can’t be in two places at once!

Everyone is making demands on you, and they all want a piece of you–now. Short of cloning or time-traveling, there’s no way in heck that you can keep them all happy. So this is what you say to them.

It’s a throwback to the days when people took their grain to the mill to be ground into flour. Sometimes the miller was also the village baker, which meant that he had to divide his time between the mill and the oven. Today’s protest really means I can’t be at the oven and at the mill!

I have no idea what happens to a millstone that is neglected, but I’ve baked plenty of bread. Try to do too many things at once, and your rising bread will collapse, or the bread in the oven will burn. I should know; I’ve done both! Learning to prioritize and to do things in the right order is key to great bread as well as a job well done.


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