À tout à l’heure!

À tout à l’heure!

ah too tah LUHR! Click below to hear this.

See you later!

The first à means to, until, and words like that. That part’s easy.

And the rest of the phrase, taken as a whole, means soon, a little while, a bit (of time). The idea of I’ll see you is understood. So: See you later!

But there are more levels of meaning to dissect! Used alone, à l’heure means on time: that is, “at the hour specified.” As for tout, it is often used as an intensifier, to strengthen whatever else you are saying. So here, it might originally have meant at exactly the time we agreed upon.

Funny how things change! An expression that may once have pinpointed a precise appointment has evolved into a vague, general “later, dude” sort of saying. It is reserved for times when you know you are going to see each other again in the foreseeable future, and does usually imply some time later on in the same day.

Oh, but the fun isn’t over yet! Tune in tomorrow for different and entertaining take on this phrase.

À tout à l’heure!


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