Il est tiré d’affaire et compétitif.

Il est tiré d’affaire et compétitif.

ee lay tee-ray daa-FAY ray kaw-pay-tee-TEEF. Click below to hear this.

He’s out of the woods and ready to play.

He pulled a tendon, had ankle surgery, had a separated shoulder, destroyed his knee: he’s an athlete! And one of the things avid sports fans discuss is, “Can he play? This week, next month, ever again?”

So this optimistic announcement is music to the ears of the fans and the coaches alike. Compétitif means that he is fully ready, not just, say, 80%. Tiré d’affaire means he is out of trouble, out of the woods. Literally, he is pulled from a problem.

Les affaires means business. Une affaire means just what it does in English–with or without the sexual connotation. But in this expression, it means a mess, or some kind of trouble. When you are tiré d’affaire, it is partly through thé efforts of others: in this case, your surgeon, your physical therapists, your coaches.


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