Ce resto, c’était le coup de fusil!

Ce resto, c’était le coup de fusil!

suh ress-toe, say-tail kood few-ZEE. Click below to hear this!

That restaurant cost us an arm and a leg!

Uh-oh, that’s not good. It’s a nice touch to finish a lovely meal out, knowing that you will be able to afford leaving the restaurant. Kind of caps off the evening, don’t you think?

But what happens when they bring l’addition (that’s the check in a restaurant) and the total is through the roof, far more than you expected?

That’s when you sputter Mais… c’est le coup de fusil! Literally, it means It’s a rifle shot! or, even more literally, a shot or blow of a rifle.

Why bring rifles into the conversation? Maybe you are so in despair over this outrageously exorbitant check that you want to shoot yourself. You might even stick the index-finger gun to your temple, thumb cocked and ready to shoot. That’s a favorite French gesture under the circumstances.

Or you could be considering doing away with the manager, the chef, the owner, or even the poor hapless waiter who bore the bad news to your table. Of course, that would hardly be in your interest, since you did just enjoy your meal. Chances are they wouldn’t let you back in if you resorted to such behavior.

So pay l’addition like a good sport. Put away your “gun” and sign the check already. You can always go home and get on Twitter, if you want to complain. A few finger-taps are mightier than the fusil, especially when the fusil is made out of your finger.

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