Je te souhaite plein de bonheur!

Je te souhaite plein de bonheur!

zhtuh sweat plaad buh-NUHR. Click below to hear this!

I wish you lots of happiness!

This is the cheerful wish I received this morning in honor of my birthday! Thank you, Françoise!

And since it is my my birthday and I have lots to do today and this post is already hours later than I had intended, I will keep it short.

The h in souhaiter is silent, so the /u/ vowel sound and the /ay/ vowel sound run together and sound like /sw/ in English. And it means what you wish on someone else’s behalf, not what you wish upon a star for.

Plein de normally means full of. Un verre plein d’eau is a glass full of water, and une tasse pleine d’eau is a cup full of water.

But plein de can also mean lots of. J’ai plein de travail means I have lots of work. Plein d’argent is lots of money. When used this way, plein is invariable: that is, it never becomes feminine or plural, because there’s no “container” (a cup, or a day, for instance) mentioned.

Françoise could have wished me une journée pleine de bonheur (a day full of happiness), but she thoughtfully put no limits on it. By wishing me plein de bonheur, she simply wished me lots of happiness. It’s mine to deploy as I choose.


One response to “Je te souhaite plein de bonheur!

  1. …and I will wish you not just lots, but a whole lifetime of happiness!

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