J’ai l’estomac dérangé.

J’ai l’estomac dérangé.

zhay less-toe-mah day-rah-ZHAY. Click below to hear this.

I have an upset stomach.

Okay, this is a frightening thought. My stomach is deranged? Is it going to turn on me and attack? I don’t need any more craziness in my life!

Oh, wait. Ranger means to arrange or put in order, so basically I am saying that my stomach is out of order. Mind, this doesn’t apply to machines, cars, public bathroom stalls, or parking meters. None of them becomes dérangé. There are different words for them.

But you can say Il me dérange (He’s bothering me), or Ne dérange pas mes papiers! (Don’t mess up my papers!), or Le vent a dérangé ma coiffure (The wind mussed up my hairdo). There is plenty of trouble in the world without deranged stomachs. And thankfully, in real life mine is fine.

But don’t forget that the final c of estomac is not pronounced, regardless of how inviting it may look. It may get upset if you mispronounce it.


2 responses to “J’ai l’estomac dérangé.

  1. Re the last paragraph above: My high school French teacher told us that, though all rules have exceptions, in general the consonants in our word “careful” are generally pronounced when they are the final ones of a French word. Is there any rule for those exceptions, or was she mistaken?
    P.S.–I’m relieved to know you haven’t a tummy ache.

  2. Thank you for a great post.

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