Toujours débordée!

Toujours débordée!

too-zhoor day-bore-DAY! Click below to hear this.

Still snowed under!

As you can see here, toujours does not always mean always! Sometimes it means still, which sometimes feels like always.

In the meantime, let’s look at débordée again. It’s feminine, because I am, which explains the extra e on the end of the word. means Un. So what is border?

Oh, it has so many meanings! What’s a border in English? It’s an edge, for anything from a country to a picture. In French, border is a verb, but it still has to do with edges. Border can mean anything from to border, to run along the edge of, or even to tuck in. The sheets and blankets are at the edge of the bed, aren’t they?

Anyway, our grandchildren are staying with us this weekend. Nous débordons de joie (We are overflowing with joy).

More on Monday, or one of these days soon!

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