Je suis débordée.

Je suis débordée.

zhuh swee day-bore-DAY. Click below to hear this.

I’m swamped.

Summer is here, and I thought maybe I could lie back a little and relax. But oh, no, my clients think otherwise.

I’m grateful to them, mind, because they are my bread and butter. God love ’em. But still…

So, as I said, it’s summer, but I am not only swamped (mosquito alert!) but also snowed under.

In French, however, I am overflowing, just like a glass of cold beer, a Biblical cup that runneth over, or a Chicagoland retention pond or roadside dItch. Débordée not with water or any other liquid, but with work.

Which is why I am going to stop here, and continue this theme tomorrow.


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