“Un tour du monde culinaire…”

“Un tour du monde culinaire…”

uh toor dew mawd kew-lee-NAIR… Click below to hear this.

A culinary round-the-world tour…

Some of you have wondered where I get my ideas. Today feels like a good day to give you an example!

Since this blog is called Spk Frnch in honor of the space-saving gimmicks resorted to by Twitter users, it all starts with Twitter. Earlier today I read the following tweet from @goutetnature, whose real name is Franck and who sells chocolate and spices in France:

“Un tour du monde culinaire en 60 secondes http://bit.ly/qiZUIy la vidéo : http://bit.ly/nentHM”

Fewer than 140 characters–that’s the rule. So you have to be as provocative as you are brief. Food? Check. Travel? Check. Only 60 seconds? You’ve got me!

Franck puts two links in his tweet. (Both have been shortened, or abbreviated, so he doesn’t have to use up all his characters on the URL alone.)

The first link takes you to the story, a French-language article from leparisien.fr about three men who traveled around the world eating and making a video of the food they ate. The article contains a link to the video, or you can click on the second link in the tweet to go directly to the video.

Relatively pointless, perhaps, since we don’t learn anything about the food itself except how it looks.It’s art, not a literary dissertation on food around the world. But it’s entertaining, the article has lots of useful French expressions that are not too hard to figure out, and the video is fun to watch and is likely to make you hungry.

Here’s the first paragraph of the article, to whet your reading appetite:

Une vidéo de 60 secondes qui montre un montage de différents plats provenant de 11 pays avec au menu des ragoûts, des pâtes, de la pizza, des pommes d’amour, des cheeseburgers et des insectes est devenue virale sur internet….

Bon appétit!


One response to ““Un tour du monde culinaire…”

  1. So glad you interpreted, because, except for the first eight words, theTweet was all Greek to me. Thank you. Maman

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