Il a subi une rééducation.

Il a subi une rééducation.

ee lah sew-bee ewn ray-ay-dew-kaa-seeYAW. Click below to hear this.

He underwent rehab.

He’s not a celebrity alcoholic, and he’s not a prisoner of a despotic regime. No brainwashing here! He’s a rugby player. Or a soccer player, a football player, basketball, whatever. And he was injured.

The word réhabiliter does exist in French, but its proper meaning is to restore someone to public esteem, to declare someone innocent, to restore someone’s rights. Literally it means to restore an ability. It doesn’t normally refer to medical rehabilitation, nor to rehab for addiction. That makes it a faux ami, a false friend or false cognate, so don’t be fooled!

Whether you are recovering from a broken leg or a knee replacement, a heart surgery or tennis elbow, chances are you will undergo rehab. The goal is to reeducate your muscles, not only to return you to your former capabilities but also to strengthen those muscles so as to avoid future injury. That’s une rééducation.


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