Il chante comme un pied.

Il chante comme un pied.

eel shaht kuh muh peeYAY. Click below to hear this.

He can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

One of my favorite French expressions! The English has a nice pun, which I always liked, playing on two meanings of the word carry. But the French beats it all hollow. It makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it. He sings like a foot!

To my ears, a foot is just a foot, maybe with pretty pink toenails, but un pied… All I can imagine is a giant, oversized cartoon foot with crooked toes sticking up every which way and singing off-key to each other. (I do not plan to provide you with an audio file of this….)

Now that I’ve put that frightening image in your head, I’ll just leave you wondering: Why un pied? Maybe because we think of a beautiful singing voice as something that soars towards the heavens, whereas you can’t get much more terrestrial and commonplace (and sometimes, un-beautiful) than a foot.

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