Il pédale dans la semoule.

Il pédale dans la semoule.

eel pay-dahl dah lah SMOOL. Click below to hear this.

He’s losing his mind!.

In honor of Le Tour de France, here’s another bicycling idiom. Sort of. Literally, it means He’s pedaling in semolina.


Semolina is food. It looks like cornmeal, only it’s made of durum wheat. It is used all over the world to make dumplings, couscous, or pasta (what did you think your spaghetti noodles were made of?), to thicken soup, to create pudding or breakfast cereal, to provide a crispy crust for fish…you name it. It is not commonly used as a medium in which to ride bicycles. That would be like swimming in Jell-o.

Which is kind of the point here. If you are losing your mind, you may not know what you’re talking about, and you can dig yourself into a very deep hole. You may find yourself floundering to regain your foothold and save face.

Pédaler dans la semoule is also such a dumb thing to do that you would only try it if you were not in possession of all your faculties. For one thing, it’s a waste of perfectly good semoule, and besides, it’s a mess to clean up.

So try to think before you talk. You don’t want people to whisper behind your back, “Il pédale dans la semoule.”


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