Une truie n’y retrouverait pas ses petits.

Une truie n’y retrouverait pas ses petits!

ewn trwee nee ruh-troo-vray pah say pTEE. Click below to hear this.

It’s a mess / a pigsty in here!

We all know that a “mess” is a relative thing. You have your definition, I have mine. Generally, it’s not a mess if you can find what you need when you need it.

But this wonderful French expression is more or less an absolute description of a mess. A sow couldn’t find her babies in here! Now that’s a real mess.

Even more of a mess is the pronunciation of truie. It rhymes with fruit, which is also nearly unpronounceable. The transition from the /r/ in the back of the throat to the /wee/ at the far front of the mouth–on the tips of your extended lips–is very tricky.

If you don’t like pronouncing that (and no one would blame you!), but love the expression, try this variation: Une chatte n’y retrouverait pas ses petits. (Pronounce /shaat/.) Change the sow into a cat and you’re all set. Yeah, me too, I like it better.

Now go clean up your room!

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