“Un coup de pouce financier”

“Un coup de pouce financier”

uh kood pooss fee-nah-seeYAY. Click below to hear this.

A financial nudge.

Un coup de pouce is a nudge or a tweak. It’s literally a push with the thumb .

So what does that have to do with finances, or even more specifically, with taxes?

Here’s a link to an article from Le Monde on June 8, 2011.

The topic is the “tax on wealth” in France, and the specific subject under discussion is whether or not it was a good idea to increase the amount of deduction for certain taxpayers. Le coup de pouce comes in because the amount of the increased deduction (for the richest families only) is quite small, and may not make a great difference in the total taxes paid to the government. It’s just a nudge, which some argued was unnecessary.

Here’s a short glossary to help you through the article, in case the French is a little too technical for your taste:

une personne à charge = a dependent

le fisc = the French equivalent of the IRS in the US.

un projet de loi is a bill (a law not yet enacted, but under consideration)

la première tranche d’imposition = the top tax bracket

les contribuables or les redevables = taxpayers

le bouclier fiscal = tax shield (the amount of income you may shelter from taxes)

If you really love this kind of stuff, check out this link for an explanation of tax shields and other exciting tax stuff. Personally, I’m going back to funny French phrases.

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