Je le lui donne…et tout ça.

Je le lui donne…et tout ça.

zhuh luh lwee DUN…ay too sah. Click below to hear this.

I give it to him…and all the rest.

“GWACK! Subject, object, verb, adverb, despair.”

So emailed my favorite Spk Frnch fan (the one I’m married to; don’t be jealous!) after my post the other day. It did look a little daunting, didn’t it?

So, for those of you who like simple, straightforward rules, here’s one to work from.

When you have more than one object (direct and indirect) in a sentence, here’s the word order to follow:

me, te, se, nous, and vous

go before

le, la, les

which go before

lui or leur

which go before


which goes before


That’s it! Some combinations are impossible because they make no logical sense, and you can’t have two direct or two indirect objects in one clause.

And don’t confuse the subject pronoun with the object pronouns. Even though some of the object pronouns look like subjects (nous and vous), the verb still has to agree with the subject, the person or thing performing the action.

For those who are rule-averse, there’s another way to tame this beast as well. I’ll give you that in a few days.

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