Y a du rab?

Y a du rab?

yah dew RAAB? Click below to hear this.

Is there more?

No, this has nothing to do with rabbis, rabbits, or rabid dogs.

If you think it’s right out of Oliver Twist (“Please, sir, could I have more?”), on the other hand, you’d be right! At least partly.

The full question (above is the slang version) is Est-ce qu’il y a du rabiot? And le rabiot means something extra or supplementary. It could be a good thing, like leftovers of the best part of the meal. It could be bad, like extra time served in the military for disciplinary reasons. It could be a second dessert, or overtime at work. (Overtime could be good news or bad! Depends on whether you resent the time or welcome the pay.)

Of course the next question is More what? In French, you’ll respond to Y a du rab? with De quoi? Since the question really says Is there extra? the answer is Of what? Personally, I’m hoping for du dessert.

Do take note: This is a very casual expression, the sort of thing you say in a student cafeteria/restaurant. In fact, that’s where I learned it. It’s definitely not for a dinner party.

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