Ils s’entendent comme larrons en foire.

Ils s’entendent comme larrons en foire.

eel sah-tahd kun laa-raw ah FWAAR. Click below to hear this!

They’re as thick as thieves.

First off, let’s just clarify the English a bit. Thick as thieves does not mean that thieves are necessarily stupid, necessarily fat, nor necessarily numerous, though any or all could be true. It means that they are friendly with each other, inseparable, good buddies.

And Ils s’entendent comme larrons en foire? I wrote about ils s’entendent a long time ago. It means they get along or they understand each other. You can read that post here.

Larron is yet another Old French word for thief. It is still used today, not only in this expression but in several others as well.

Why en foire(at a fair)? Because the distract-and-grab trick that pickpockets are famous for is as old as the hills, and still works in a crowd. It takes teamwork on their part, so they had better understand each other! And you had better watch your wallet, smartphone, watch, and everything else that isn’t tacked down.

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