En effet, ce livre est à moi.

En effet, ce livre est à moi.

ah nay-fay, slee-vray ah MWAH. Click below to hear this.

As a matter of fact, that book is mine.

No, en effet doesn’t mean in effect. The implication of this English phrase is that there is some sort of complicated rule (of ownership, in this case) in play, and that you are claiming the book as your own even though appearances may be to the contrary.

En effet, on the other hand, means in fact. the fact is that the book is mine, regardless of what else you may think.

Effectivement carries the same force in French. It is a synonym for en effet, and you can use them pretty much interchangeably.

You can also use either one as an exclamation, to agree forcefully with something someone else has said. It’s like saying Well, of course! Indeed! That’s what I’m talking about!

Agreeing in this way with your opponents in a debate in this way tends to disarm them and throw them off their game. if you are a skilled debater, this is the moment when you take control of the conversation with Mais… (but).

Notice, by the way, the absence of the letter c in en effet. It is neither written nor pronounced. In other words with the same derivation, like effectivement, the c is both seen and heard, like unruly children at the dinner table in a bygone century.

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