Elle en a du culot!

Elle en a du culot!

el lah nah dew kew-LOH! Click below to hear this.

Admiringly: She’s got nerve!
Disapprovingly: Some nerve she’s got!

But how will you know which way the speaker intends it? The look on the speaker’s face will tell the whole story. Raised eyebrows, wide-open eyes, the corners of the mouth turned strongly downward, a nod all register surprise and approval in a French speaker. A frown, lips pursed or tightly pressed together, a shake of the head–disapproval. In French, your face is as important as your voice!

What is culot anyway? It can mean many things, all related to le cul, a slightly vulgar word for derrière or bottom. It could be the base of a light bulb, a part of a bullet or cartridge, the bottom of a cooking pot, or the residue that accumulates on the bottom of the pot. Or–as here–it can mean nerve, courage, audacity, aplomb, or a variety of synonyms.

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