Chevaux de bois, 1ère partie

Chevaux de bois

sh-vohd BWAH. Click below to hear this.

Wooden horses

You are in for a treat today! Allow me to introduce Anna Robinson, a fine singer with a lovely soprano voice. She is my cousin’s daughter, will soon graduate from James Madison University in Virginia, and comes by her talent naturally: her grandmother, her great-aunt, her mother, in fact many of her extended family, are singers.

Anna is going to sing for you a song composed by Claude Debussy, set to a poem written by Paul Verlaine. Below, I give you an excerpt from Anna’s program notes, and the audio file.

Tomorrow, you’ll have the words of the song along with her own translation of it, and I’ll even repeat the sound file so you can listen and read at the same time.

Chevaux de bois (wooden horses) is the fourth work in the song cycle Ariettes oubliées, or Forgotten Airs, by Claude Debussy…. The music is influenced by Jules Massenet, but [the songs] hit an original note with their sensuousness and expressive chromatics, and they establish subtle connections with Verlaine’s poems.”


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2 responses to “Chevaux de bois, 1ère partie

  1. Hi Ruth,
    How did you DO that?! Fantastic. And I will be eager to read the translation. I have been listening to her cd and have the “Tournez, tournez” part down. but that’s it.

    • Thank you, Sue! Glad you liked it! Anna gave Mother a copy of her CD, which I copied to my Blackberry…I went online to a site I use all the time to convert the track to an MP3 file (WordPress needs that format for the neat little embedded audio player). We photocopied Anna’s program notes. I was going to run them through OCR, but it turned out to be easier to rekey. Et voilà! I don’t have Anna’s email address, so I hope she saw it. And the rest of the family too… Love, Ruth.

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