Il pleut, il pleut…

Il pleut, il pleut…

eel pluh, eel pluh… Click below to hear this.

It’s raining, it’s raining…

Here is today’s weather report!

It’s a traditional French song that probably dates from the 18th century. Shepherds and shepherdesses were all the rage then (it is said that Marie Antoinette liked to dress up as a shepherdess at Versailles, and play at herding her sheep), and they are the main characters of the song.

Il pleut, il pleut, bergère,
Presse tes blancs moutons,
Allons sous ma chaumière,
Bergère, vite, allons,
J’entends sur le feuillage
L’eau qui tombe à grand bruit,
Voici, voici l’orage,
Voilà l’éclair qui luit!

It’s raining, it’s raining, shepherdess,
Hurry your white sheep,
Let’s go under my hut,
Shepherdess, quickly, let’s go!
I hear on the leaves
The water falling very noisily,
Here, here is the storm,
There is the lightning flashing!

I am quite sure that this young man’s concern is not for the shepherdess’s safety, and that his intentions are less than honorable. And we’ll leave it at that!

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