Elle est ronde comme une petite poire.

Elle est ronde comme une petite poire.

Ay lay rawd kuh mewn pteet PWAAR. Click below to hear this.

She’s high as a kite.

As long as we are talking about round things… Well, we were, weren’t we? Yesterday, anyway.

Once again, the French expression paints a completely different picture than the English. If she has had too much to drink, her American friends will say she is high, and to emphasize the point, they’ll add an amusing comparison: high as a kite, which is pretty high.

Her French friends, on the other hand, will call her ronde, or round. How round? Comme une petite poire: as round as a little pear. Why not an apple, or an orange, since we are into fruit? I have no idea. Maybe baby pears are perfectly round (I’ve never sat and watched them grow), and haven’t yet developed the knob on the end. Or maybe the knob on top represents the size of her head: something of a pinhead for allowing herself to get so drunk.

Note that unlike yesterday’s expression, where rond behaves like an adverb, in today’s it is unquestionably an adjective, and so it is treated as such. Elle is feminine, so ronde must be as well.

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