Elle ne passe pas par quatre chemins.

Elle ne passe pas par quatre chemins.

eln pass PAH paar kaa-truh sh-maa. Click below to hear this.

She doesn’t beat around the bush.

No, she goes straight to the point! Literally, She doesn’t take four roads. She takes one road, the one that gets you there, instead of wandering about on country lanes, driving this way and that, admiring the view…because I’m sure it’s much prettier when you avoid the highways, don’t you think? And then of course you don’t have to pay tolls, either–

Look! What a strange-looking cow! Have you ever seen one that color? And it looks like it’s wearing a ski mask! Oh, wait, stop! Back up! Wasn’t that a hawk? Oh, too late, it flew away. The things you see on these little lanes. Where were we? Do you think this route will get us to the hotel on time?

Oh, that’s right, no deadlines tonight. How nice. We can settle back and enjoy the ride, because who cares about the destination? This is much more fun.

Now what were we talking about, anyway? I seem to have forgotten. Oh, that woman who writes that blog. She just talks and talks. Why can’t she just get to the point?

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2 responses to “Elle ne passe pas par quatre chemins.

  1. Pardon me but in France we rather say ” Elle n’y va pas par quatre chemins” to mean she goes straight to the main point . I never heard ” ne passe pas” in this expression .

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