Le long de la maison foisonnaient des tulipes et des iris.

Le long de la maison foisonnaient des tulipes et des iris.

luh lawd lah may-zaw fwah-zuh-nay day tew-lee pay day zee-reese. Click below to hear this.

All along the house there were tulips and iris in abundance.

Early spring. We need these colors, don’t we? Here we are in May, and it still feels like November.

So here’s a touch of spring for you. Yes, les iris and les tulipes are mine, but the description in today’s sentence is a bit over-enthusiastic. Mine are kind of sparse and timid, but they help.

Foisonner means to abound. This is the imperfect tense, which is the past tense you would see in a description, let’s say in the opening paragraphs of a book where the author is describing where the heroine lives. You could also say that a person, an article, or an internet site foisonne d’idéesabounds in ideas. Just what you need when planning your garden, right?

And le long de tells where you plan to put your flowers. It really means the (whole) length of, not in the sense of measurement, but in the sense of location. Le long du sentier would be all along the path.

Happy planting!


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