J’ai accepté à contre-cœur.

J’ai accepté à contre-cœur.

zhay ack-sep-tay ah kaw-truh KUHR. Click below to hear this.

I accepted reluctantly.

Why would you do that?

Well, let’s see:

Your ex is coming to the party, but your best friend is really urging you to come.

You know they’re going to stick you with an unpleasant task, but you feel duty-bound to attend.

The hostess is a horrible cook, but she’s your boss’s wife.

So many reasons for doing what we don’t want to do! Because in all of these cases, we do something that runs contrary to our feelings: against the heart, à contre-cœur. That’s how you say reluctantly in French.

Suppose, each time we had misgivings about doing something, we could flip our heart around? Instead of acting “counter-heartedly”, we could act whole-heartedly (de tout cœur)? Perhaps we would actually want to do the hard thing. Would the world be any different, any better?

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