…ou éventuellement au cinéma.

…ou éventuellement au cinéma.

way-vah-twell-mah oh see-nay-MAH. Click below to hear this.

…or maybe to the movies.

This is what you say when you are planning a picnic! Yes, eventually the weather will be nice enough for such outdoor frolicking.
But that’s not what éventuellement means, and there’s no picnic in our phrase today. So what gives?

Eventually in English translates to à la longue in French: in a (long) while, but we’re going to have to wait, just as spring will come à la longue.

In the meantime, any plans for an activity such as a picnic at this time of year had better include a Plan B. Hence the movies. In French, éventuellement means maybe or if needed, if necessary. So the complete thought is, On va en pique-nique, ou éventuellement au cinéma. Everyone will understand that you are taking into account the possibility of rain.

If you live in Chicagoland, you know that this is one of your essential phrases!

Oh, and by the way, notice how the two /w/ sounds in this phrase squash right up to the following vowels. It makes a nice liquid sound.


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