Il a un petit vélo dans la tête.

Il a un petit vélo dans la tête.

ee lah uh ptee vay-low dah lah TETT. Click below to hear this.

He’s nuts.

Decidedly, this poor gentleman is in trouble. Because what you are really saying is He has a little bicycle in his head.

That’s what that finger-twirling-beside-the-ear gesture refers to. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it? Picture a tiny bike wheeling around and around in your brain. Even if it didn’t interfere with the orderly firing of nerve synapses, you’d think those little wheels with their ever-turning spokes would give you a headache. Or drive you mad.

So is his petit vélo dans la tête the reason he is nuts, or is it a description of how his craziness feels? Or is he just an over-the-top fan of bicycle racing? Brad, that’s not you, is it? (Insert tongue-in-cheek smiley-face here.)


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