Tu vas tout éclabousser!

Tu vas tout éclabousser!

tew vah too tay-klah-boo-SAY! Click below to hear this.

You’re going to splash everything!

Important preparation for those in the kitchen this Sunday morning! That’s right, it’s Mother’s Day, and the appropriate greeting on the day is Joyeuse Fête des mères!

So the people (some of them quite small, and adorably unhelpful) in the kitchen on Sunday are not necessarily the ones are customarily in the kitchen. Some of them, in fact, stay as far from it as they can. That means that Mistakes Will Be Made.

Note that those making mistakes will be held totally blameless, provided they don’t ignite any potholders or ceiling fixtures. But puddles can lead to slips and falls, so the Adult In Charge needs to practice this phrase in advance so as to be ready. I see milk being poured into bowls all over the country, batter being ladled into frying pans and onto counters, eggs being viciously beaten into submission, orange juice bouncing happily into glasses, with the utmost devotion and love for Maman. Attention! Tu vas tout éclabousser, in an urgent whisper so as not to wake said Maman.

The other reason to practice this phrase is because éclabousser is just so darned much fun to say. Enjoy, and Joyeuse Fête des mères.


One response to “Tu vas tout éclabousser!

  1. Merci! Et Joyeuse Fetes des meres a toi, ma petite fille.
    avev mes amours,
    (Pas des accents parce que je ne suis pas chez moi)

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