Je suis dans le pétrin.

Je suis dans le pétrin.

zhuh swee dahl pay-TRAA. Click below to hear this.

I’m in a jam.

But what kind of jam? (And don’t say “strawberry”.)

Actually, you are in the kneading trough. And even if you make your own bread routinely, you may never have seen one of those. Here’s an old-fashioned one: in essence, a wooden bathtub with a lid to keep it clean. Nowadays, it will look more like a big mixing bowl with a dough hook in it.

Which brings us right back to you, stuck in le pétrin. And this is a problem why? Because the bread dough is also in le pétrin, and the dough is sticky. Does this remind you of yesterday’s post? You are in trouble! Stuck!

By the way, if you wish you could make delicious French bread that tastes fresh from Paris without using un pétrin, without kneading and without spending hours and hours in your kitchen, go to this link and try the basic recipe.

Next time you are invited to a dinner party, you will not be dans le pétrin. Just say you’ll bring the bread. I promise you won’t be sorry you tried it.

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