Mêle-toi de tes affaires !

Mêle-toi de tes affaires !

mell-twahd tay zaa-FAIR! Click below to hear this.

Mind your own business!

Mêler means to mix or mingle. That can be good (wine; parties) or bad (tears with laughter). If you make the verb reflexive (se mêler) and add de after it, you have a different kind of mixing altogether, and it’s mostly unwanted. It means to get mixed up with (or in, and that generally implies some bad elements: the wrong crowd, or a shady affair.

Which puts a rough edge on the French exclamation mêle-toi de tes affaires! It seems to suggest that your business is a sordid, sorry business. (Mine, of course, is honorable and above-board, but it’s still none of your affair.)

Do note that les affaires has nothing to do with sex. It’s strictly business. Unless you are talking about the boss having serial affairs. Then it’s both, but the boss still gets to say mêle-toi de tes affaires!

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