Commentaires sur l’Interview avec M. Lapin

Commentaires sur l’Interview avec M. Lapin

kuh-mah-tair sewr laa-tair-vYEW aa-veck mSYUH laa-PAA. Click below to hear the audio file of the complete interview, which took place yesterday. (Full transcription of the interview at this link.) 

Commentary on the Interview with Mr. Bunny

(What are you snickering for? You think this interview didn’t actually take place? You think I made it all up? Listen to the audio file! Who do you think is doing the talking?)

As you listen to the audio file and read the transcription of the interview, you’ll notice that unless you’re making a formal speech, it’s likely that you don’t speak in full sentences. None of us do. We stop and start, we interrupt ourselves and each other, we change direction, we fish for words. So reading the transcript reveals a lot of that behavior. At least M. Lapin and the interviewer for Spk Frnch had the courtesy not to talk all at the same time, unlike many TV political commentators.

Now for some random notes on expressions you will encounter in the interview, as an assist to those of you who are still reading French at an earlier stage:

Qu’est-ce que vous faites, dans la vie? = What do you do for a living? (Literally, what do you do in life?)

axé(e) sur = focused on

le Pâques = Easter. Masculine singular, because it’s short for le jour de Pâques. The word Pâques itself is feminine plural. Nothing like a little confusion!

invraisemblable = unlikely, not very believable

je me mêle des oeufs = I’m “in” eggs (i.e. I’m in the egg business, I deal with eggs)

côté production = on the production side

Cela tient du secret commercial = That has to do with trade secrets.

par-dessus le marché = on top of everything

la période de pointe = the busy season

je me sauve = I’m outta here, which is what I will say right now.


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