C’est le pot de terre contre le pot de fer.

C’est le pot de terre contre le pot de fer.

sail pode tair kaw-truhl pode fair. Click below to hear this!

It’s David and Goliath.

Or is it? It’s an uneven fight, that’s for sure; but who wins? Literally, it’s the earthenware pot and the iron pot, which has a nice ring to it, since it rhymes.

We all know about David and Goliath (if you want to refresh your memory on the details, open your Bible to I Samuel 17). Little David, as the song says, killed the giant Goliath.

But le pot de terre (the earthenware pot) and le pot de fer (the iron pot) are supposed to be non-sentient creatures, so their story has a very different outcome. When le pot de terre comes up against le pot de fer, one of them is going to get smashed to smithereens, and I think you can guess which one it is.

Is there a moral to this story? I doubt it. Seems like an unfair contest from the get-go. Just stay out of their kitchen so you don’t become collateral damage. You know things are bad when even the pots are going at it.


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