Je travaille à mon compte.

Je travaille à mon compte.

zhuh trah-vah yah maw KAWT. Click below to hear this!

I am a freelancer.

Or, more literally, I work on my account. Think of it as a bank account, un compte en banque. As a freelancer, you get to keep the profits from the money you earn. If you were an employee of a corporation, those profits would go into someone else’s pocket, or someone else’s compte en banque.

In English, we often say I work for myself. To say that in French would convey a different meaning: Je travaille pour moi-même suggests I work for my own satisfaction, for my own sake.

That may be the ultimate motivation of the freelancer, but if you are referring to the financial arrangements, you need to say Je travaille à mon compte.

And don’t forget that both the m and the p of compte are silent. Pass directly from the nasal o to the t, which you do get to pronounce, loud and clear, because it is propped up by that silent e.

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