béton béton béton… tomber

béton béton béton… tomber

bay taw bay taw bay taw … taw bay. Click below to hear this!
concrete concrete concrete… to fall

Ah, but they are related! Did you think I hadn’t noticed your raised eyebrows? I can see you!

And more specifically, I can see your lips closing on that m before the b. You’re saying “tawm-bay”, aren’t you?

I’ll admit that it’s hard not to say it that way. It’s normal, in English, to “anticipate” the next syllable or sound by transitioning into it while we are still finishing off the current one. That’s what makes “We all scream for ice cream” so funny (to children, at least).

So here’s the cure:

  1. Re-read (or read) yesterday’s Spk Frnch post.
  2. Count. Feel the rhythm!
  3. Add the word of the day. Ah, ah, ah, don’t lose that rhythm! un-deux-bé-ton-bé-ton-bé-ton-bé

Wait! Stop right there!

Yes, in mid-word. Did you notice? You forgot to pronounce that m! Way to go! That’s exactly what we were trying to achieve!

You see? Take apart the word, and you see it in a whole different way.

Now, go back and do it again! And again….

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