Je me sens tout chose.

Je me sens tout chose.

zhuhm sah too SHOWZ. Click below to hear this.

I feel all weird.

Or peculiar, or funny, or strange, or out of sorts. Literally, I feel all “thing”. This is for when you don’t really know exactly how you feel!

Note that tout is being used as an adverb here (it is describing an adjective), so it is invariable–no masculine or feminine, no singular or plural. It really just means very here, or maybe all over (“I feel strange all over”).

And chose is a noun pretending to be an adjective, so it is invariable as well. The noun is normally feminine (la chose), but here it has no gender or number. Anyone can say this phrase, and it won’t change.

Finally, take note of the important difference between sentir and se sentir. The first means to smell, except when it is followed by que, when it means to feel (Je sens qu’il est malhonnête,I feel that he is dishonest).

The second means to feel (oneself), except when it means to smell oneself (admittedly an uncommon usage, but we might as well be prepared for the unexpected).

Confused yet? Then my work here is done!

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