…en deux coups de cuillère à pot…

…en deux coups de cuillère à pot…

ah duh cood kwee-yay rah po. Click below to hear this!

…without a moment’s hesitation…

As long as we are talking about pots, here’s one more expression for you. Literally, in two… hmmm, wait, there is no good literal translation! Okay, we’re going for the off-the-wall version: in two blows of a pot spoon.

You could be rapping someone on the knuckles with a wooden spoon. Or perhaps you are applying said spoon to a pot of soup by stirring twice. Neither takes more than a moment.

This expression is reminiscent of the English in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. But it’s not quite the same. The lamb’s tail expressIon translates to dans un instant, in a second (or instant, or flash). The kitchen spoon expression implies not the amount. of time it will take to accomplish something, but the amount of time you would hesitate before taking an action, such as giving someone the shirt off your back or saving a child from a burning building.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to use the alternate spelling of cuillère if you like it better. It’s cuiller, and it doesn’t change the pronunciation or the gender.

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