On va prendre un pot?

On va prendre un pot?

aw vah prah-druh PO? Click below to hear this. 

Shall we go have a drink?

You’d be amazed at all the things a pot can be. It’s a cooking pot, a yoghurt container, a chamber pot (thank goodness for indoor plumbing!). And today, it’s a drink.

But this doesn’t mean you’re about to go steal anything. The verb prendre, which means to take, is also commonly used to mean to drink. In a restaurant, Qu’est-ce que vous prenez? is the standard way to ask What will you have [to drink]?

Of course, le pot stands in for the container the drink is poured into: glass, cup, or mug. And un pot can easily stretch into three or four. There’s nothing in this phrase that tells how many un really is. So pick your designated driver in advance, please!

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