À l’affût d’idées…

À l’affût d’idées…

ah laa-few dee-DAY… Click below to hear this! 

On the lookout for ideas…

What’s an affût, anyway? Is it a bird, a plane, Superman?

No! It’s a lookout. Not a person, but a place, like a duck blind for hunters. Not that I have ever seen a duck blind in real life. I would not kill a duck, though I might eat part of one in a good restaurant.

Can’t you see me perched in a treetop somewhere, listening to your conversations, just waiting for you to utter the captivating phrase that will make my readers swoon with delight? Don’t worry. I don’t do that either. But I do listen, and I keep my eyes open when I read, and I keep my Blackberry close at hand when I am watching TV or a movie. (My husband, the Official Remote Handler, knows the universal “pause” signal very well: left thumb clicking on an invisible button.)

I have a long list of possibilities. Some need research; some are waiting for inspiration (I know it’s a good phrase, but what shall I say about it?); some are just waiting for time. In case you wonder, I keep my list in Evernote, and great mobile app that stores my stuff in the cloud so I can get it wherever I am. (You can get it at www.evernote.com.)

Actually, maybe I’ll write about Evernote. But not today. I still want to remind you not to turn affût into a few. Remember, that pronunciation key is just a guide. Listen to the audio file and work on your /ew/ sound.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be à l’affût d’idées, so that my next post can be just ducky.

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