Son compte est bon!

Son compte est bon!

saw kaw tay BAW! Click below to hear this.

He’s going to get what he deserves!

Or she: let’s not be sexist here! Remember that the possessive adjective (here son) has to agree with the thing that is possessed, not with the possessor. Compte is masculine–account, as a bank account, so we have to say son even if it is her account.

What we are really saying is His/her account is good. And normally, that would be a fine thing indeed. He balanced his checkbook! She has money in her account! He is solvent!

But things are a little more sinister here. It’s closer to “His number is up” than to “She’s good for the money”. Son compte est bon carries a dark undertone. He’ll get what he deserves probably doesn’t involve a pat on the back–more likely, figuratively at least, a knife in the back.

So give him a message for me, will you? Tell him to keep out of dark alleys, and to keep his nose clean.

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