Plus? ou moins?

Nope, no tonguetwister today. It’s more of a braintwister, in two parts (today and tomorrow).

Plus? ou moins?

plewss? oo MWAA? Click below to hear this.

More? or less?

When does more equal less? When you are speaking French! Or at least, some of the time. Today, I hope to help you disentangle the confusing word plus. If you look back at this post, you’ll see that I gave you a head start on this.

First, a little refresher course:

ne…plus means no longer, not any more. The s is silent.

plus de normally means more, as in a comparison. The s is usually silent.

plus, by itself, means plus, as in math. The s is pronounced.

ne…que means only

The confusion occurs when two or more of these expressions are combined. Not only does the sentence look more complicated, but you will have to understand how the words are used in order to decide how to pronounce them.

Tomorrow, some examples, and the general rules of pronunciation for plus.


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