Quoiqu’il soit présent, il ne parlera pas.

Quoiqu’il soit présent, il ne parlera pas.

kwah keel swah pray-SAH, eel nuh paar-luh-rah PAH. Click below to hear this!

Although he is present, he won’t speak.

So he is attending the conference, but he’s not giving a speech. Fine. That’s not the real problem here.

Quick: who can spot the difference between today’s phrase and the one we talked about on Monday?

Right: there’s no en. Right again: there’s an extra word at the end of today’s (présent). Can’t find the third difference? Look again, closely: there’s no space between quoi and que.

And that little space makes it a completely different word! Quoique, all one word, means although, and it always takes the subjunctive. That means that the verb that follows it must be in the subjunctive. Quoi que means whatever, not as a casual one-word world-weary dismissal (“whatever, dude!”), but with the meaning of no matter what…and it must also take the subjunctive!

(By the way, the subjunctive is not a tense of a verb. It is a mood. Rather than expressing time relationships between actions, it expresses the feelings surrounding the actions. The conditional is also a mood.)

Here are a few sentence starters you may encounter with these two phrases. Notice carefully which is being used:

Quoi que je fasse = No matter what I do
Quoique je fasse des efforts = Although I make an effort
Quoi qu’elle dise = Whatever she says, no matter what she says
Quoiqu’elle dise la vérité = Although she speaks the truth
Quoiqu’il vienne = Although he may come
Quoique je ne sois pas d’accord = Although I may not agree

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