Quoi qu’il en soit…

Quoi qu’il en soit…

kwah kee lah SWAH… Click below to hear this!

However that may be…

This is a great phrase to use when you are transitioning from one topic to another! It’s especially useful if you want to sweep away someone else’s reasoning with one wave of your hand.

For example:

The Other Guy: I don’t think X should run for president, because (reason 1), and (reason 2), and besides, (reason 3).
You: Quoi qu’il en soit, tu ne peux pas disputer le fait qu’il (your invincible counter-argument). However that may be, you can’t dispute the fact that he…

This is a fixed expression: that is, it doesn’t change according to who is speaking, or what you are talking about, or anything else. It translates roughly to What it may be about that–that is, Whatever the facts may be about that. The verb is always soit, which is the subjunctive form of être(to be) in the third person singular: il, or it.

Coming soon: “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey, a famous American newscaster, used to say.

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