Il est mal dans sa peau, ce gars !

Il est mal dans sa peau, ce gars !

ee lay mahl dah sah PO, sgah! Click below to hear this pronounced.

That guy feels alienated.

Well, alienated in English refers to estrangement. Its Latin root (alius = other) really means belonging to another. It has nothing to do with little green men, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the legality of one’s residence papers.

And I’m sure you can tell that there’s no such word in the French phrase. So how exactly are our French-speaking friends expressing this common feeling?

Literally: He is badly in his skin! Does this mean the poor guy has a skin disease? Is he The Saggy Baggy Elephant? (If you read Golden Books as a child, you know this character, one of my favorites.)

Nope. Actually, English has a similar expression: He doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. That’s what the French is saying, too. Not so strange, after all!

And ce gars is a slangy shortcut for ce garçon. Note that both the r and the s at the end of the word are silent. It’s one of several words for boy, young man, man, and deserves a post of its own!

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