J’ai dormi tout mon soûl.

J’ai dormi tout mon soûl.

zhay dore-mee too maw SOO. Click below to hear this!

I’ve really slept my fill.

At least, that’s what one of the characters in this photo is saying! The other (the big one) appears a bit skeptical, but resigned: This is what is expected of her.

Such a great expression. Soûl actually means drunk, so when you use this expression, it’s a little like saying I’m drunk on sleep. Note that you don’t pronounce the l at the end of the word, unless you are using the feminine: Then it’s soûle, and you say “sool”. Elle est soûle means She is drunk.

The source of this word is the Latin satullus, which means full or satiated. Satisfied is another related word, as I am sure you can guess from the sat- root. The old French was spelled saoul (which dates from 1265, in case you wondered), and that spelling persisted well into the 20th century. But the pronunciation was the same: soo.

The tout in the phrase is optional. It just reinforces the expression, like the word really in the English version.

Besides sleeping your fill, you can also use this expression with verbs like boire (drink), manger (eat), or pleurer (cry). But keep in mind that it implies performing the action to excess, so it may not be entirely polite, or may not exactly express your intention, in all cases.

And don’t confuse this with the word for a soul. That’s une âme, from the Latin word anima. That little circumflex accent (^) means that, somewhere in the development of the language, a letter was dropped. Most often it’s the letter s, but in this case it’s the n in the Latin. In Old French, the word was sometimes spelled anme, though it is unlikely that the n was actually pronounced.


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