Un brin de jugeote…

Un brin de jugeote ne te ferait pas de mal, non plus !

uh braad zhew-ZHUT nuht fray pahd mahl, naw PLEW! Click below to hear this.

A touch of common sense wouldn’t hurt any, either!

Seen on the internet! A gentle plea from a commenter on a blog, suggesting that a previous commenter tone down the rhetoric. Nicely done! Apparently it worked, because that was the last exchange on the blog, at least when I ran across it.

La jugeote is common sense, or good judgment. You can see the juge- root, meaning judge.

That -ote ending is a bit unusual in French. It may be related (I’m making a guess here; this is not an authorative statement!) to the suffix inserted words like bouillotter, which means to boil very gently (from bouillir). Maybe it’s a way of “domesticating” the word, not making it sound so harsh.

Un brin performs the same job, by the way. It means a shred–of straw, for example.

And faire du mal à quelqu’un is to hurt/injure someone. …Ne te ferait pas de mal puts it in the conditional mood: wouldn’t. Du changes to de because the sentence is in the negative.

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