J’ai un emploi de temps surchargé.

J’ai un emploi de temps surchargé.

zhay uh nah-plwah duh tah sewr-shaar-ZHAY. Click below to hear this.

My calendar is packed.

This is the time of year when we think about calendars, isn’t it? Buy a new one for the kitchen wall, another for the office, and one to carry about with you (unless it’s built in to your Blackberry).

But what kind are you going to buy? Here’s your handy-dandy quick reference on French calendar words.

Le calendrier is the one you hang on the kitchen wall, the one all the pretty pictures. My sister made a beautiful one for us this year: each month has a color drawing from her sketchbook. Yes, she’s an artist, and the sketches go from Florida to Maine and from Sweden to Scotland. Thank you, Jean!

Nobody buys un horaire anymore; it’s all on the internet. This one is a schedule–specifically, for trains, planes, and busses. Its name contains the word for hour or heure (hor-) because most transportation is hour-by-hour, not day-by-day. Unless, of course, you are looking for a direct flight from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu.

Then there is your emploi de temps. That’s not something you buy, either. You may wish to sell it. I have a dentist appointment later this week I’d be happy to sell off to the highest bidder, for example. This is your use of time, literally–the stuff you have to do.

And you write your emploi de temps in your agenda. Whether it’s a book you carry in pocket or briefcase, or an electronic one (my favorite), it’s normally portable, and called by a different word from the calender on the wall.

Oh, and surchargé? That’s overloaded. It can describe your emploi de temps or youragenda.

There now, are you all up to date?

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