Cette taxe fixe excessive…

Tonguetwister Tuesday!

Cette taxe fixe excessive est fixée exprès à Aix par le fisc.

set tax feek sek-ses-SEE vay feek-say ek-SPRAY ah ex paar luh FEESK. Click below to hear this.

This excessive fixed tax is set on purpose in Aix by the Tax Department.

Well in advance of Tax Day, so you can be in practice to complain on April 15!

The tonguetwister alone will keep you plenty busy today, so I won’t say much else. Just a couple of little FYIs:

Fixer doesn’t mean to repair, but to fix in the sense of to establish or to set. A menu à prix fixe is a WYSIWYG menu: what you see is what you get (to borrow a computer term).

Aix: a city in France.

And le fisc: that’s the abbreviation for the French Tax Department: equivalent to Inland Revenue for the Brits, the Internal Revenue Service on the American side of the pond.

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