Malaxez, mélangez, fouettez… ?

Malaxez, mélangez, fouettez… ?

mah-lack-SAY, may-lah-ZHAY, fway-TAY? Click below to hear this.

Cream, mix, whip…?

If you don’t cook or bake, you may never have dreamed how many words there could be for stirring stuff together in a bowl! And it’s not enough just to hold the bowl and the spoon in your hands. You have to know how to wield them!

Want some examples?

Malaxez is how you start many a cake or cookie recipe, by creaming together (sort of a mash-and-drag operation) the butter and sugar with the back of a wooden spoon. (That’s how I do it, anyway. No electric mixer.)

Mélangez tells you to mix a variety of ingredients together. Usually, an ordinary wooden spoon will do for this.

Fouettez is what you do with egg whites: whisk or whip them! And you use un fouet (a whisk) to do it. If they are supposed to stand up tall and stiff, the recipe will say fouettez en neige (whip till they look like snow!).

Want more? We’re certainly not done yet! How about tournez? That’s just stir. Literally it means turn–no, not the pan, silly…the soup turns in a circle as you push it around with your spoon.

Then there’s battez, which is how you get your omelet in the morning: beat the eggs. And incorporez, which is to add an ingredient to an existing mixture. Don’t forget écrasez, either, which means to crush and applies to your mashed potatoes.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while. Call me when you’re done cooking, okay? I’ll come inspect your work.

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  1. Love your site!!

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