J’ai une idée derrière la tête.

J’ai une idée derrière la tête.

zhay ew nee-day day-reeYAIR lah TETT. Click below to hear this.

I have an idea in the back of my mind.

Or, more literally, I have an idea behind my head.

We all know our thoughts reside in our heads. That’s where our brain is. We even may have the illusion–at least if we are the imaginative sort–that there is something mechanical going on when we think: little gears meshing, perhaps, or a set of chutes and ladders attempting to deliver the thought to the tip of our tongue, where it belongs.

But it’s a disaster area in there. That poor thought is huddled in the back of the cluttered closet that hasn’t gotten cleaned out for years.

Well, that’s the English-speaker’s vision, anyway. I have an idea in the back of my mind. In French–J’ai une idée derrière la tête— that thought or idea of mine is more like a puppy, following me around on a string at the back of my head. If only I could teach it to come when I call?

Maybe if I offer it a treat…

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