J’ai décidé de le balancer.

J’ai décidé de le balancer.

zhay day-see-day dull baa-lah-SAY. Click below to hear this.

I (have) decided to dump him/it.

Well, that’s not entirely useful, is it? Who or what are we dumping? How can we tell? And what does balancing have to do with it?

Okay, let’s take it from the top. Balancer does mean to swing, but also to dump, to get rid of. Balancer is also what you do, gently, to the baby’s cradle, when you want the baby to sleep. What do they have to do with each other? Please don’t tell me you are dumping the baby, in spite of that awful American lullaby, “When the bough bends, the cradle will fall / and down will come baby, cradle and all!”

Well, it’s more like One, two, three, heave!, where a couple of people are swinging a heavy item to get the momentum up so they can toss the item over the cliff. Preferably, the item is an “it” and not a “him”. Note that it can’t be a “her” or a feminine objetc, because it says le, not la.

A kitchen scale–the kind that works by placing a weight in one tray and counterweights in another–is une balance, because the mechanism includes a kind of swinging action.

But be careful! A scale that you weight yourself on is un pèse-personne, a person-weigher (uh pez-pair-SUN). It works on a different mechanical principle.

Please note that none of this applies to my beloved husband, nor to my blog, nor to any projects I am involved in (all masculine nouns, hence le). Tomorrow, more about balance and equilibrium!

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